I'm a recovering Northeasterner trying to get better at Midwestern small talk. Find me sipping coffee on my patio or petting my neighbors dogs' in the elevators and hallways. Professionally responsible for moderating trolls who tell my company to fire me. So far, they haven't, so that's a relief. 

About Me
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About Me

People shouldn't write their own bios; they tend to self aggrandize. No worries on that here, I will own my hot mess until the day I die. I'm a self-proclaimed honorary Jersey girl who grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The City of Bridges and Champions and Primanti's sandwiches is a national treasure. I live in Kansas City now for the extremely strategic reason of, "somebody offered me a job here."

My Post Grad Life is my hobby and my non-professional platform to tell my story. My story the same one average 20-somethings are living all over the place, fumbling their way through the unstructured life you get when you graduate from college and strike out on your own. 

Maybe you're here because you want to read something you feel you can relate to. Maybe you hated me in high school and are hoping I got fat and unsuccessful. Maybe you're one of my best friends and feel obligated to be able to say, "Oh, yeah, I read your blog." 

Whatever the reason, I hope you found some laughter, some levity, and some power while you were here.